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Its been a long year, a lot of shit happened and the summer SUCKED ASS!

  • There was a hospital trip that ended with a 2 day sleep over. I’m still not sure I’m over this experience. I still wake up to make sure my daughter is alive, I also check her arms and legs. just in case. I text her randomly just to make sure she responds. I freak out if it takes too long. I’m not sure what too long is.
  • My daughter learned that her father is an asshole, and he wasn’t there when she needed him the most.
  • My baby daddy decided that child support is no longer in my future.
  • Figuring out that I made a horrible choice in who I procreated with. ugh we did make two good-looking kids but damn!
  • Moving close enough to the high school so my kids could walk, they’re now going to a different high school…. And it isn’t walking distance
  • My son is now an only child at his father’s house, him and I now fight too much over the fact that he can’t do whatever he wants at my house.
  • I have two teenagers in my house, they fight all the time! No one ever wins.

But… some cool shit happened too

  • My baby girl promoted from 8th grade to high school. I can’t believe I’m that old!
  • We moved into a house. Just renting but the back yard is huge!
  • My Dad retired!!!! and since him and my Mom are awesome! He drives my children to school, at two different times, in two different directions. Thank god for parents! I love my DAD!!

It seems like you remember the bad stuff more than the good stuff. I want to remember everything. Maybe blogging will help, maybe it won’t. Too scared to make this public tho. or I did and I posted before I deleted this sentence.

Ok so I’m sure you can tell this is my first blog, I’m trying to get shit out of my head, I’m hoping this helps. None of these first few posts are going to make sense, I’m hoping eventually they will. Honestly though I don’t want anyone to really read this. 🙂 I am seriously too old to have my grammar be this bad or to have all this shit in my head that I can’t control.