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How can someone so loved feel so sad. Reading about Robin Williams has left me heart broken. He was hilarious and happy and loved, well we thought he was happy. How do you hide such darkness, why do you want to.
This death has me panicking and scared.
Just a year ago I found out how depressed someone can be and how willing I was to not see what was happening. I couldn’t see that one of the humans I love the most had broken. I got them help and we’ve been working on keeping the pieces together; but seeing this happen when only a year ago everything was twisted is hard. I can’t even read an article about Robin Williams without tearing up. All I can think is…

OMG is this what could have happened.

I’m not sure if I can ever truly get over this even after a year, I freak out over a suicide story. School is starting soon and it scares me. What if it happens again, what if I can’t stop it this time. What if my love isn’t enough to save her. I’m terrified.
Depression and darkness is not something I see, sure I’ve been sad but never to the point of madness. Will I see it if it comes again?