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Well it’s been a year since the Psych ward. We made it! Sometimes I can’t believe it and sometimes I think we’re going back. It’s been easy, it’s been hard, it’s been hell even. But it’s done, school started and it’s going well.

It’s still weird that when the girl wears short sleeves I check for cuts, and when she wears sleeves I get nervous. Will that ever change, doubt it. It’s a comfort though how much we’ve grown, together and alone, we’ve become a team. We understand each other better and she can share if I’ve gone too far. I don’t have the best parenting skills and I don’t try to be perfect, I know it’s hard for her but she’s learned that I can change; especially if it’s for her or her brother.

I’ve finally figured out how different our personalities are. I can’t expect her to have my attitude or my who gives a fuck demeanor, she’s the best parts of me and the parts I know I lack she seems to have them all. So I step back try not to lecture, and listen, because she doesn’t want to hear my opinion she just wants to be heard. It’s truly been hard. I definitely struggle to not scream and yell but then I stop and remember how far we’ve come. Sometimes I can’t help myself and she she has to hear a back in my day story… She pretends to listen šŸ™‚ but it is so different now than then.

So today was hard but tomorrow will be better and I know that come hell or high water we will always work together to be better.