Can you have to much information, yes, kind of, sometimes?
I feel like I have to much information when I’m about to fall asleep, so many things run thru my mind all day; work stuff, kid stuff, is my dad ok stuff, it’s amazing how much info and just endless thoughts you can have in a day. But it all seems to culminate right before I close my eyes. Did I do that thing at work, should I apologize for calling the guys I work with stupid, yes I did it, nah they’re grown fuck them. Then ok it’s Tuesday is the Boy here, no, ok I can leave for work a little later, wait, do I need gas? Crap ohhhhh wait uhhhh. OVERLOad! Then it’s ok go to sleep. shut up! Wait…. Check on the Girl, she was smiling today right? did she seem sad? no. she’s good. Ok she’s alive! We’re good. Ok now calm down, relax see everything is fine. And then shit last thought is always did I lock the front door? Sigh and it starts all over again.

And then you get a text. OMG now what! Who died? Oh it’s Target I can save a dollar. UGHHHHH!

Maybe my dreams are peaceful, because my mind cannot be.

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