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Sometimes when going on Facebook you see parents with kids and all they do is brag about them. Is it wrong that when I see that and the child is under 12 I want to comment….. In a few more years your kid is going to hate you!

I’ve had one of each, my girl is older, she went into 5th grade and became an emotional train wreck and I could barely deal. Everything was a HUGE deal and overly dramatic. (Which some crazy bitch called her once) <- why I hate people. Anyways, then she became a woman, holy crap I thought the drama was bad then, she almost drowned us with her tears every month. Horrible. Once bitchmode started I figured only one of us would come out alive. But lo and behold we lived, barely. It’s not over yet though.

Now the boy, that all started when he turned 9. Boys just think that they know EVERYTHING. They don’t know when to just shut up either.”Shut up. But. Shut up. I was…. Shut up. I ummm. I. Shut up!!!! Calm down mom, jeez.” OMG it feels like your head is just spinning. Then they turn 12 and are taller then you and their voice sounds like a man now, and you just want them to still love you. But they don’t, they just want to play video games and smell, god they smell so bad! They are to lazy to shower, especially in summer. This boy is crazy and wants to move out.  He’s 13, he can’t even get a job! He doesn’t listen. But if he had a job it’d help me out a lot. 🙂 We fight all the time and yet he’s my baby.

So, Yes, love your kid, brag if you can, but remember they’re going to turn into a teenager and hate you!!! And believe me or not, you will always love your kid but as they grow into a teenager, you will not like them. Your daughter will be a bitch and your son will be an ass!