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Sometimes I feel like I can’t breathe.

Being strong sucks. Sometimes I would like to just break down and scream. I can’t, but I’d like to.
Crying in the shower seems to be the best bet lately, no one can tell your crying; and maybe the tears that go down the drain will release the pressure inside. Hiding in the shower crying alone hoping no one notices once you step out. I’m happy, I’m happy, always but don’t look.

Got to be strong got to hold on. Figure stuff out, don’t let her see, the depression in me. Make sure she’s fine, take the pressure off her mind. Don’t let her be sad and always ask why, look her in the eye so you can see the lie. Always glance at her arms, you can still see the scars. Checking in everyday to make sure she’s ok. Tell her you love her and show her she matters. Hope that she can be the greatness you see.