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Some days, ok maybe everyday, I wish you’d just stay away. Stop trying, give up and just be the shitty dad you’ve become. I wish you knew that every time you call or text it just pulls her right back down. Would you stop if you knew?
I hate that one text and you can become a hero again. The week before you had her crying at school and hating herself. Do you realize how hard it is to bring her back up, how close I have to watch her to make sure she doesn’t hurt herself. Oh that’s right you don’t realize because you aren’t actually around her.
What can you really teach her that I can’t? You’re already teaching her that men can’t be trusted. She should have learned the lesson from a shitty boyfriend not her father. Bring on the daddy issues and her dating a man older then you.
You taught her that a stupid fight can be held against you forever. This she should have learned from a friend, someone who could have walked away and she would have been better off. Yay drama queen psycho friend that never goes away.
So stay away don’t come in and out of her life.
Don’t text. Is it wrong to block you on her phone but not tell her? Probably. Ugh.

Try not to fuck up our son next.